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Car Rental Agreement Nz

No. .B. The self-solicited deductible applies to each individual claim. Damage or breakage of the windshield is also significant surplus. Those amounts shall be recovered as part of the total amount payable under this Agreement. If the driver of a rental vehicle is subject to a right of offence (emergency penalty) for a traffic offence that is not personally issued to the driver by a roadside law enforcement officer (for example. B parking and lightning violations), the lessor may deduct the costs, plus an administrative fee, from the tenant`s credit card. An agreement between the owner and the tenant whose information is written in the rental agreement. It is agreed as follows: Description of the vehicle 1. The owner rents and the renter takes care of the rental of the motor vehicle described in the rental contract, hereinafter referred to as the vehicle. Rental period 2. (a) The duration of the rental is valid for the period described in the rental agreement. (b) When a vehicle is parked in a place other than that of the branch, the inspection of the vehicles is completed at the time of collection.

The renter is responsible for the vehicle until this date of termination, inspection and withdrawal. (c) If the renter wishes to terminate the rent before the date and time indicated, there is no obligation for the owner of the vehicle to reimburse the balance of the rental period. A refund can be made in case of “extenuating circumstances or for reasons of compassion”. Any refund or modification of the rental price is left to the exclusive discretion of the owner. 3. Persons authorized to drive the vehicle (a) The vehicle may only be driven during the rental period by the renter and the persons mentioned in the rental agreement, and only if it holds an up-to-date driving license adapted to the vehicle at the time of driving the vehicle. (b) The Owner is entitled to verify, where appropriate, the validity and currency of a driver`s licence used under this Agreement. (c) the renter authorizes the owner of the vehicle to debit all funds paid to him under the rental agreement, from your credit card or hardship account or any other credit card provided; (d) The Landlord will pay you the refund granted to you using a method reasonably chosen by us.

Payment by the tenant 4. (a) The renter pays the owner, as payment for the rental of the vehicle for the duration of the rental, a rental right equal to the rate indicated in the rental agreement in this contract. (b) The tenant acknowledges that he is responsible for all costs related to the collection of unpaid invoices related to this contract. . . .