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Syncrude Collective Agreement

As previously noted, these agreements were renewed in December 2015. It was only recently that I was told that these negotiations were over, for both the NMA and the GPMA. The NMA has been reversed and all conditions remain unchanged for at least one year. With respect to the GPMA, a number of amendments have been made and come into force on April 3, 2016. Most of the changes concern transfers, days of leave earned, local resident status and timely payment. These amendments affect members of Syncrude, Suncor, Surmont, Kearl Lake, McKay River, Dow Fort Saskatchewan, Dow Prentiss, Shell Scotford, Strathcona IOL, Fire Bag, Shell Chemicals, Shell Albian Sands and CNRL. Established in 1952, THE GPMC/NMC negotiated its first maintenance contract at the existing Shell refinery in Sarnia, Ontario. Today, the committee manages collective agreements in eight of Canada`s 10 provinces and serves a multitude of industry sectors. The agreements allow the sector to employ up to 13 different construction trades under one set of conditions. The alliance, in collaboration with contractors and project owners, offers stable, long-term agreements for routine industrial maintenance and short-term agreements for facility closure and intermittent maintenance.

Collective agreements are the backbone of all unionized long-term care centres. All maintenance work currently performed through Local 110 will be performed in accordance with the terms of the General Presidents Maintenance Contract (GPMA) or the Alberta National Service Agreement (NMA). In the past, these agreements have given local members 110 high-end working conditions and salaries, providing the client with highly qualified and certified professionals and relative working stability in all professions. The Committee has been providing good value to our partners for over 68 years through our collective agreements and is now looking forward to moving on to the next phase with our Canadian Safety Achievement Awards (CS2A). General Presidents` Maintenance Committee for atlantic Canada Collective Agreement for Offshore Facilities . These organizations carry out their work under the conditions of our agreements. For customers in front of the sites, your shipyards operate safely, securely and securely, while ensuring that projects are completed the first time and operate without incident. The signatory employers are looking for industrial projects that provide artisans with jobs and working conditions throughout the country.

2017, 2200, Esso, Gamp, Gpma esso, Nanticoke, Chemfab, 2017 2020 A comprehensive review of the GPMA changes will be held on April 9, 2016 at Local Assembly 110 in Edmonton…