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Un Peace Agreement Database

The Treaty of Versailles is perhaps the most famous of all peace treaties and is held responsible by many historians for the rise of Nazism in Germany and the subsequent outbreak of World War II in 1939. The costly reparations that Germany had to pay to the victors, the fact that Germany had to assume exclusive responsibility for the start of the war, and the severe restrictions on German rearmament were all enshrined in the Treaty of Versailles and caused massive resentment in Germany. Whether or not the treaty can be held responsible for the outbreak of a new war, it illustrates the difficulties associated with pacification. Such a conflict, however, was not the result of the more punitive agreement with the Ottoman Empire. A database containing nearly 40 “comprehensive” peace agreements containing detailed codifications and information on the implementation of all important provisions over a period of 10 years. [1] Data are from the Council on Foreign Relations, Women`s participation in peace processes. However, when peace agreements turn rebel groups into political parties, the effect on peace is positive, especially when international actors take advantage of their moments of power distribution to keep former combatants under the terms of their peace agreement. [10] [11] A mediator is a third party who helps two or more opposing protagonists prevent, manage or resolve a conflict by helping them develop mutually acceptable agreements. This definition is based on the UN Guidelines for Effective Mediation.

The PA-X Peace Agreements Database contains, in addition to the criteria applied by WFP scientists, other types of peace agreements, for example. B those that focus on solving local problems and those developed unilaterally by only one side of the conflict. Although not part of this interactive study, WFP scientists recognize the importance of women`s participation in these processes and have provided a list of other research findings in the “Additional Resources” section below. The interactive dataset contains a sample of important peace processes between 1992 and 2020, selected on the basis of data availability. For peace processes between 1992 and 2012, the dataset collects much of the data on negotiators, mediators and signatories to the UN women`s report Women`s Participation in Peace Negotiations: Connections Between Presence and Influence. For peace processes between 2013 and 2020, WFP scientists collected data on negotiators, mediators and signatories, with support from UN Women and the UN Division for Political Affairs and Peace, as well as government and civilian representatives. Below are specific data sources for specific peace processes. A peace agreement is a formal document, accessible to the public, prepared by some or all actors in the conflict, which has been mutually agreed and which deals with the conflict in order to end it.

Uppsala Conflict Data Programme Peace Agreements dataset ( Therefore, when military force is used, it is called “international armed conflict” instead of “war”. The fact that the current system of international law avoids the use of the term “war” also avoids the conclusion of a peace treaty based on the existence of war. [5] After the end of the war in Iraq in 2003, no peace treaty was signed and only UN Security Council Resolution 1483, adopted on 22 May 2003, set the post-war regime exclusively for the stability and security of Iraq. [6] Another famous example would be the series of peace treaties known as the Peace of Westphalia….