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Private Lessons

Nancy Strouss is available for private lessons with you and your dog.

Private lessons are offered at the training studio in Valley Cottage.

Having Nancy work with you privately may be a more effective way to learn how to manage and solve behavior problems and teach your dog obedience commands.  If you’re a first time dog owner, a private session will give you an opportunity to have all your questions answered and  have a better understanding of how to proceed towards your goals.

You can take this one on one time to discuss any specific situations or scenarios pertaining to you and your dog. For example, if you were looking for organic pet food, which one would be a good choice? We can discuss if your goals are to keep your dog in its current weight or if he’s getting a little too fluffy, and what kind of food will provide the energy for the type of training you want. Obedience training is not as taxing as certain other more athletic types of training as you can imagine.

Their nutrition is of course, crucial to the well-being of your pet. What about their behavior? Well, behaviors that can be discussed or worked on are housebreaking, jumping, stealing, counter surfing, destructive behavior, nipping and mouthing, running out doors, excessive barking, pulling on the leash during walks, temperament issues and all kinds of other creative canine behaviors and as well as obedience training.

Please contact Nancy for more information, fees and scheduling.